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The Secent Way

We'll be honest with you.

We really could care less about the difference between a Winston and a Half-Winston, suits make us nervous, and the conference room table really is better for taking naps than anything else. It's not that we'd rather play than work; we just prefer to work more efficiently and intimately than sitting around a table, hashing out details for the fortieth time, and trying not to get salad dressing on our ties.

We're not your traditional capital firm. Why is this? Well, in the "old" days, circa 1999, getting a startup off the ground was expensive and venture capital reflected this. You had to have money to start. You had to have money to keep going. You had to have money to rub shoulders with celebrities, tabloid reporters and tech reporters to ensure recognition and publicity. And all that money was a royal pain to come by. Things simply aren't that way anymore.

It was out of this recognition that the times, they were indeed a-changin', that gave birth to Secent. Capital is relatively cheap now; it's the people and the relationships that are important. At Secent, we refuse to see ourselves as money movers. Instead, we see ourselves as world movers. We realize that huge amounts of capital are no longer necessary to make your dreams realities, and as your partners, we provide the relatively small amounts of capital to get your dreams started, the time, the empathy, the networking, expertise and the guidance when you need it, and you get down to the business of doing. We are incredibly grateful when your dreams succeed, but even more than that, we're proud of you and what you've accomplished.

We believe in the best, most basic of all business principles: putting you first. You are our first priority, and we take that seriously. Secondly, we recognize that information is a little like a brushfire these days. One person's status update can be around the world inside of an hour and revolutions can play out on Twitter. The world changes quickly, and technology changes even more quickly. This is not the time for lengthy boardroom presentations, politicking for positions and inefficient meetings, so that's not what you'll find here. What you will find at Secent are timely decisions, balanced risk, a little bit of daring, and a lot of expertise - just don't expect us to wear suits.