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How We Work

Got a lead on the next biggest thing after sliced bread (and toothpaste)? After sitting through meetings and propositions that went nowhere, we're reluctant to call them a waste of time. Instead, we just used them as learning experiences to discover how we preferred to do things so all parties involved got the help they needed.

Email is everything. Madonna may have thought that love made the world go round, but the Material Girl was so 1980s. These days, it's email. Phone calls can't be sorted and archived, voicemails get lost, and sometimes - believe it or not - we are actually out of the office. On business (no, really, we swear). However, email goes everywhere, can be answered at any time, and, most importantly, can be archived so we can find important information later.

Tell us what you want. Shiny business plans and death-by-Powerpoint are all great, but let's cut to the chase - preferably in the first two sentences.

Know your problem. We want to help you solve it, but if you don't even know what it is or even how to begin, we can't help you.

Invest in the web. It's hard to take you seriously if you don't have a website when even the fifteen-year old down the street has his own URL. Websites are cheap, HTML is relatively easy, and in these times of Facebook and Twitter, it will establish your presence and market for you.

Show us how you plan to get there. While we find it fascinating that you want to build a bridge from, say, Malibu to Maui, what we're really interested in is the engineering and costs behind the project, why there's a need to do so, and how we can help you. We need to understand the technical aspects from the beginning, so our geeks will talk to your geeks.

Meetings are often redundant. You need to be free to do your thing, but you can't do that locked in a boardroom, talking about it with a bunch of suits. Instead, let's email and maybe even talk on the phone. There's no point in gridlocking schedules and rushing from conference room to conference room.