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You might think we're any other place to bounce ideas around and get money, but we offer way more than financing - we offer guidance, relationships, connections and (hopefully) a lot more fun.

With Secent, you'll find access, resources, and relationships with industry, the sciences and education. We invest our own capital, and can also assist with raising private equity capital from our strong network of angel, financial, strategic and crossover investors. Knowing people that know people might not sound like much, but in a world that changes as rapidly as your little sister changes undergraduate majors, stable relationships and social networking can be counted on as one more safety net in these uncertain economic times.

Clear structure, intensive business support, a sounding board that challenges the status quo, a committed initial investment, and realistic goals are all ingredients that combine to convert an emerging technology into a profitable global product. If that's what you're looking for, you've found it here at Secent.

So now that you know what we do, you might want to know who we are. We're that rare combination of dreamers and doers, those who want to reach the stars and spend all our free time building the rockets to get there to do it. We believe in industry, and the American dream, and how far you can go with the right backing - and, most importantly, we believe in you.

At Secent, you will always be our first priority, because without you and your dreams, we might miss out on an opportunity to do something meaningful and strike gold together.

Suits, boardrooms, and offices have never been our strong points, and we much prefer an intimate, case-by-case approach without the formality. Maybe we don't sound like anything you're used to, and that's okay with us. No one ever changed the world by accepting the status quo and conforming. If you're ready to change the world, we're ready to help you. Feel free to email us so we can get behind you and your dreams. Together, we'll do something great with them.